• Our Company

    Founded in Lunéville in 1954, Lorraine Cosmétique (LORCOS) develops, manufactures and packages solid and liquid hygiene and beauty products for national and international brands. Today, Lorcos works with a large number of regional, national and global brands in the perfume, skin-cosmetics and pharmacy industries.

    Our history

    Establishment of SEPA

    Creating SEPA

    SEPA company is established in 1954 in Boulogne in Paris area by René Hirsch Labouesse.
    It manufactures and markets household and wipig products

    Implantation SEPA in Lunéville

    Implantation in Lunéville

    Invited to set up in Lorraine region, SEPA company moved from Boulogne to Lunéville.

    The soap factory SEPA

    The soap factory

    In order to expand its offering and add hygiene to household products, in 1976 the company tool up her production lines for the manufacture of soap.

    The production of liquid products SEPA

    The production of liquid products

    SEPA adapts itself to the evolution of the hygiene market by producing his first shower gels.
    Alongside the maintenance sector is gradually abandoned.

    Purchase of the Lutterbach soap factory

    Purchase of the Lutterbach soap factory

    The acquisition of the Lutterbach soap factory enables SEPA to enter the hotel market and give access to mastering for syndets

    Construction of a new factory SEPA

    Construction of a new factory

    In 1991, SEPA moved into a purpose built factory.

    Changing groupe, Labouesse gives to Steinfeld

    Departure of the creator and taking over by the group Steinfeld

    In 1991, Mr. Labouesse gives SEPA to the Switzerland group Steinfeld.

    Changement name, SEPA becomes Lorcos

    SEPA becomes Lorcos

    The soap groupe Bernard (soap master makers from Nantes since 5 generations) acquired the SEPA and renamed it Lorcos (Lorraine Cosmétique).

    Lorcos developing emulsions and care products

    Emulsions and care products

    Lorcos developing its offering by implementing a production line dedicated to the emulsions and care products.